Diver Dan

Thanks to Stacy for the Diver Dan image, it's from High Hopes - I pair him up with the fisbowl from Stampendous Sushi Bowl Party set, along with the little fishies, castle and stuff, also from that set. I got the fish {Big Lou Pirhana}, also from High Hopes from Tami - he's popped up (like you can't tell from the shadow lol)
they are all colored with markers, and I used Aleene's paper glaze on the "glass" of his mask
The embossed background is also from PIF - it's a dark blue-green and then matted on some seafoam green

here's another angle to highlight the "glass" because I know you like it Stacy ;)
it says "have a bubbly birthday" inside - from the Sushi sentiment set


~Stacy said...

oh my gosh this is fabulous! I love that you have him swimming in the fishbowl and the glaze on the mask it so real! Love the cropped angle too, those are super fun shots! :)

Kathy H said...

Wow...I love it!!! Great job!!!

Collette said...

I LOVE your Diver Dan ... so very fun!

Nina said...

Love this and especially love the embossing folder, man I WANT them ALL! blllllaaahhhhh!!!

Nina said...

Me again. I tagged you for Purse of the Day, go check out my blog! You're it! now get to posting girl!! I KNOW you have made some cards sine the 15th! :O)