New Desk

OK so here's some pics of my new Desk from IKEA - I saw these drawers (especially the thin wide ones) and knew I MUST HAVE IT! ;)

I do like how the whole thing turned out and it really opened up the space to not have the hutch part of the desk

And here's some inside drawer views.... First one is the Ink ;) it's in the Wide Format drawer to the Left of the desk

Next here are three from the "leg" of the desk - this one is reinkers/stickles and I also have my sponges, but I've moved them already to the other drawer ;)

Patterned papers.... 4.5x6 and 6x6 and such small sizes

Extra Adhesives and blades, stuff that's not used ALL The TIME in the bottom drawer :)

Still working out how exactly I am going to have every thing laid out, but I think I am LOVING the ribbon situation!
Inside the wide format drawer I fit my two cropper hopper embellishment cases - I just took off the covers and now I can see my collection at a glance! no more pulling down the case, opening it and looking... I just slide open the drawer and there it is in all it's rainbow glory!! :)

hard embelishment cases (there are two layers stacked) large have bigger things and the small are brads & eyelets, sorted by color of course !
well hope you enjoyed looking at my new desk! :)


~Stacy said...

ooh does that make you grin from ear to ear to look in those drawers? ( love the ribbon one esp, it looks like it would be so fun to droll over ) :)
I really like what you have done with your space :)

Janice M said...

Looks great Leigh Anne!!

Jessie said...

Love your new desk! Enjoy!

Collette said...

I do like that wide cabinet - IKEA you say? Nicely organized!